10 Dec 2018

Changes to Tax Agent Number

The final step in our business restructure process that occurred in July this year is the change of our ATO registered tax agent number from Stewarts Bendigo Pty Ltd to Ipsum Advisors Pty Ltd.

We are bound by the Privacy Act 1988 and so we are obligated to let you know that we will be transferring your information to our new tax agent registration to satisfy the guidelines issued by the Privacy Commissioner.

We have selected this transfer to occur over the Christmas and New Year period to cause minimal disruption to our lodgement program. The ATO will commence the transfer effective 19 December 2018, meaning that from this date we will be unable to process lodgements. We estimate to be back up and running with lodgements by Australia Day (26 January) next year.

There is nothing you need to action as a result of this notice, and there will be no change in our service delivery as a result of this change (with the exception of delayed lodgements in the first few weeks of the new year) however, if you do not consent to your information being transferred from our old tax agent registration to our new tax agent registration, please click HERE to opt out.