1 Apr 2018

Hello, we’re Ipsum Advisors.

You may know us by our former name Stewarts Accountants.

In April 2018, we changed our name to better reflect our full-service offering and the way we help our clients.

You see, the role of accounting has changed in recent years. Our business was born in the 70s and just like the radical changes we’ve witnessed in fashion, music, technology and politics during that time, the role of your trusted accountant has also changed significantly.

We no longer just report on the year that was. We work to improve the financial health of businesses and people by providing smart tax strategy and business advice in addition to compliance activity. From helping businesses to improve performance and cashflow, through to setting up and managing a self-managed super fund – put quite simply, we no longer wear brown cardigans and count beans.

Just as we have kept pace with change and remained ahead of the curve with the adoption of new services, talent and technologies, we also wanted to take our brand into the future.

For more than 40 years, we’ve been helping our clients reach their full financial potential and we look forward to delivering the same exceptional results under our new business name of Ipsum* Advisors for the next 40 (and more!).


*Why Ipsum you ask? ‘Ipsum’ is Latin for smart which epitomises everything we stand for – smart advice, smart solutions, smart team.

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