21 Nov 2017

The App that could save you thousands

Scratching around for misplaced receipts? How much did you miss out on claiming last financial year because you couldn’t find that little piece of paper evidence?

Paper receipts are a pain. We lose them. If we don’t lose them, there’s a small window to capture the information before the print starts to fade. And if you manage to hold onto them and do your data entry before the ink disappears, there’s that painstaking process of manual data entry.

But there is a simple solution and it’s just a click away from your smartphone or desktop computer.

Cue Receipt Bank!

Receipt Bank is a digital business application designed to improve the automation of your book work. It operates as your filing cabinet, keeping your invoices and receipts on file for up to seven years.

By combining the use of the mobile app when you’re out and about with the browser version when you’re at home, entering your expenses is as simple as taking a photo and loading to the app or dragging and dropping the image file into the browser. What’s more, Receipt Bank speaks to Xero and Intuit QuickBooks Online. It will integrate with your file and send your expense information directly to your accounting software – adding it to either accounts payable or your bank account.

Your accounts payable will stay up to date and you will be able to match more transactions in your bank reconciliations which will save you a stack of time, along with ensuring all of your expenses are captured.

Let’s get you connected.

With more than 60,000 current subscribers, full support and a 14-day free trial, now is the time to start using Receipt Bank. Contact us to arrange a free 15-minute demonstration with one of our Receipt Bank gurus.


$33/month including GST with unlimited transactions.