About Ipsum Advisors

Ipsum Advisors is a full-service accountancy and wealth advisory firm. We improve the financial health of businesses and people by providing smart tax strategy, business and compliance advice.

With Ipsum by your side, you’ll have access to a suite of exceptional minds ready to challenge you, improve your operations and share the latest industry trends, insights and technologies to grow your wealth whilst ensuring you remain compliant.

We work with both individuals and businesses across multiple sectors including property, professional services, retail and hospitality, to name a few.

Meet the Ipsums

We have built a multi-skilled team comprising accountants, researchers, business advisors and technology lovers, focused on the innovation of today and your financial position of tomorrow (and beyond!).

  • Laura Coatsworth Director
  • Billy Lacey Director
  • Louise Hickman Director
  • Jason Pengilley Director
  • Annie Henshall Accountant
  • Deanne Allport Corporate Secretarial
  • Felicity Barker Accountant
  • Belinda Smith Receptionist
  • Matt Moran Accountant
  • Tom Francis Accountant
  • Vicki Brown Chief Financial Officer
  • Sarah McDonell Client Services Coordinator
  • Mandy Dunlop Administration
  • Brylee Lester Client Services Coordinator
  • Jordan Findlay Accountant
  • Bethany Fraser Accountant
  • Krystal Sherwood Accountant
  • Emily Williams Accountant
  • Shaeden Riding Accountant
  • Nicole Pratt Graduate Accountant
  • Grace Batson Accountant
  • Brody Haddow Graduate Accountant
  • Kristi Bilkey Graduate Accountant
  • Tiffany Abel Accountant
  • Darren Eldridge Financial Planner
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