ProVision Group

Ipsum Advisor client, ProVision Group provide wholesale installation, on-site warranty and maintenance services for audio visual and data communication equipment manufacturers, distributors and resellers, helping them expand their reach and enrich their customer experience.

Whilst they are experts in their industry as one of Australia and New Zealand’s largest networks of professional audio visual, data communication and electrical technicians, they also recognise the value in onboarding experts to assist in business areas they are less familiar with.

Director Dan Mcready explains, “I find the financial and accounting side of business a distraction. It needs to sit with industry professionals who can stay up to date with current legislation and continually track business progress.”

“We were looking for a company that is proactive and one that provides sound advice that we can trust to have our best interests at heart. Ipsum Advisors has provided that for us in the last five years we have worked together.”

Continual business growth is important for any business and having data, results and measurements is necessary to make informed decisions. Whilst Ipsum provides ATO compliance services to ProVision, Dan finds the most value in the Virtual CFO and management services.

“Without a team like Ipsum Advisors, uninformed decisions would have been made impacting the business negatively and causing unnecessary stress.”

Meeting quarterly for formal meetings to discuss business financials allows Ipsum to present the current business position, address pain points, identify successes and highlight key items to be implemented in the following quarter.

“Ipsum utilises technology and strategies that help achieve our goals and measures them accordingly at our quarterly meetings.”

Ipsum has supported ProVision Group in various changes and business growth throughout the five years and most recently assisted in the adoption of a Profit First strategy.

“It has been fun to see how managing your finances differently can affect profitability, in a positive way.”

“Ultimately, having a trusted and professional partner in Ipsum has allowed ProVision to focus on what we do best with reassurance that our financials are taken care of. The guidance and advice from Ipsum has supported our steady growth and ensured we continue to work as efficiently as possible.”




Case Studies

We have built a multi-skilled team comprising accountants, researchers, business advisors and technology lovers, focused on the innovation of today and your financial position or tomorrow and beyond.

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